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TOP OCCASION out of private hands

10yrs. bay Hanoverian gelding sired by Don Schufro
out off a Sandro Hit dam, 1.73 stm.*

equipped with three really good basic paces

beautiful mount to stat one’s competitive career
great schoolmaster, Prix St. Georges winner

To be sold for a top price to someone taking a quick decision


Quality instead of Quantity

Successful Competition Horses
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4yrs. Westphalian dark chestnut gelding, 1.76 stm.*, striking chic, long-lined son of the German ‚Bundeschampion’ and Warendorf State Stallion Sir Heinrich, excellent rideability, his highly valued, very good basic paces make him to an eye-catcher, a youngster with ideal possibilities and great perspective, successfully presented in Riding Horse competitions

 Several times winner in conformation class and placed in dressage horse test cl. A!


5yrs. bay, important Hanoverian gelding, 1.72 stm.*, this dressage giant appears in convincing aura and moves with bounce in his steps on high quality level in all three basic paces, with high rideability, an outstanding appearance looking to be promoted into the for the top sports

Currently won in dressage horse classes A and L!


  6yrs. brown Hanoverian gelding with great chic, 1.68 stm.*, equipped with three over-average quality basic paces, successfully competed in dressage tests cl. L by an amateur rider, der Kl. L

To be sold for professional reasons – a great chance for ambitious dressage riders



6yrs. great dressage candidate with brilliant, expressive drive from the hindquarters, 1.69 stm.*, offers an absolute delight of riding culture, State Mare Award aspirant with three convincing basic paces, Dressage Horse competition winner on A (beginners) level, trained to L level, a first-class mount for instructors

To be sold to a quickly determined buyer for a top-prize!

6yrs. Westphalian chestnut gelding, 1.75 stm.*, with top descent: Don Juan x Belissimo, always moving in exact rhythm with big gear ratio through the arena, distinguished with three optimal basic paces, an excellent, of age dressage candidate for the big arena with victories and placings from Conformation till Dressage Horse classes of L level



7yrs. first class chestnut pony mare in team quality, 1.47 stm.*, coined by outstanding basic paces and high rideability, participated in the final ring of the Westphalian Elite Mare Show 2014, best of her age in the mare testing with a mark of 8.7 successful in the German ‘Bundes-Championat 2014’, further classically trained ready to compete in cl. A and L,  aspirant for top placings

Placed in Dressage competition class A*!



12yrs. dark chestnut gelding sired by Don Schufro, 1.72 stm.*, Habitus and Go predestine him as a certain ribbon winner for the big arena, equipped with three excellent basic paces, trained and performed by a lady rider, recommends himself as a dream team mount for Juniors and success-seeking Seniors

Intermediaire I and S** winner!
Trained to Grand Prix level in the Waldfried Dressage Stables!



12yrs. bay extra-ordinary mare, 1.71 stm.*, several times winner in dressage competitions on M (medium) and S (advanced) level,  trained and presented by a Lady rider, outstanding piaffe and passagen promises, three exceptional basic paces, super rideable anduncomplicated

Ideal mount for team members from Juniors to Seniors
Predestined for the big international stage!
Prix St. Georges top placed: Runner-up and third!
 Intermediaire I winner!



16yrs. Hanoverian chestnut gelding sired by Alabaster, 1.72 stm.*, Dressage Gem equipped with many victories and placings on Grand Prix level some with scores above seventy percent! Ridden and trained  to Grand Prix level by a lady rider, totally uncomplicated and in top form

Grand Prix, Grand Prix Freestyle and Grand Prix Special winner!
GPS won with above 70 percent!

Exceptional athlete par excellence  Ideal School master for beginners on this level!


More successful top horses on inquiry !

Ask for the horse of your idea, we will be pleased
to help you to acquire it.

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* No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of this information given above.
The heights are just approximate values.



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