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Horse of the Month October


5yrs. top bay Hanoverian mare sired
by Carridam x Embassy I, 1.68 stm.*

Rideability in purity, gives her rider a superb feeling

With outstanding movements, a real top mover and
a mount par excellence for dressage trainers

According to her ancestry a significant capacity
for show jumping was noticed

Placed in Dressage Horse Competition cl. A!




Quality instead of Quantity

Successful Competition Horses
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  3yrs. smashing Oldenburg black gelding, 1.73 stm.*, gently started to be trained under the saddle, three outstanding basic paces, high rideability and a super character let this noble dressage jewel shine

  4yrs. gorgeous Westphalian chestnut gelding sired by Benicio x Fürst Heinrich, 1.69 Stm.*, Shines with his habit, gently trained as a beginner under the saddle, equipped with three excellent basic paces, which will let him certainly grow up to a great quality mount for the top dressage sports, presents himself with best character

  5yrs. elegant Westphalian bay gelding, 1.67 stm.*, son of Sir Heinrich with a high degree of drive in combination with an excellent work attitude, his lovely character will conquer immediaitly the heart of everyone, excels himself by his three top basic paces, trained to A/L level

7yrs. very beautiful, dark brown Hanoverian gelding, 1.69 stm.* sired by Fürsten Look out off a Pik Noir dam, ridden by a lady, placed in Dressage horse competions age-appropriately, Dressage Horse competition (DPF) cl. A won with a 8.0, runners–up in DPF cl. L

  8yrs. Hanoverian chestnut mare, 1.72 stm.*, nicely to ride ballerrina, well trained to L/M level, totally uncomplicated and easy to ride, with three over-average basic paces

Several times top placed in Dressage Horse
competitions cl. L


12yrs. KWPN chestnut gelding by Uphill x Cabachon, 1.65 stm.*, eye-catching uphill moving mount with three very good basic paces, currently placed till M (medium) level,  easy to ride also on snffle bit, certainly also suitable for the Children Tour, high seating comfort 



15yrs. dark bay Hanoverian gelding sired by Londontime x Amerigo Vespucci xx, 1.73 stm.*, the charming gelding convinces by his super character, easy to handle, in the last years exclusively ridden and trained by an amateur till S** (advanced) level, dressage competitions class M won and S** placed, easy to ride on a snaffle bit, reliable mount also for riding out in the countryside

Currently top placed in cl. M (medium level)


successful top horses on inquiry !

Ask for the horse of your idea, we will be pleased
to help you to acquire it.

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* No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of this information given above.
The heights are just approximate values.



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