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Fast internet at Waldfried Dressage Stables

Since the beginning of the year 2018, clients and visitor of the Waldfried Dressage Stables have a fast internet connection at their disposal. The High Speed internet with 150 MB/s offers accompanying parents and partners as well as the riding students and the boarders themselves additionally the possibility to sit in front of fireplace in the ridersílounge and devote themselves to the internet with a fast connection.

Of course, the internet access is free of charge! A further sevice plus, which will make the stay at Waldfried even more enjoyable!

Training - Sales - Accommodation - Show Coaching

Enumeration sign  Training of sales horses

In the Waldfried Dressage Stables the training of the horses, which are meant to be for resale, takes place without time pressure. The spectrum of training comprises the basic work up to Grand Prix standard. Depending on the specialities of each horse and its talents the training, normally carried out by lady riders, takes between several months and years. The chance to get to know each horse in this period very carefully, gives the Waldfried dressage Team the possibility of a very specific customer advisory service.

During their time in the Waldfried Dressage Stables the horses are shown at horse shows to achieve a certain show routine, to test the progress in the training and to measure themselves successfully in a hard competition. That a big number of sales horses leaves the show grounds as winners, confirms that the training concept and the quality of the horses are right.

Like a fine wine a horse must be given time to mature, only then are these horses ready for sale. This innovative method - to train with care and without time pressure considering the classical rules, to present the horses successfully at horse shows achieving current placings and to work with a well-trained sports horse - is not only an interesting alternative, but represents what the customer is looking for:

A successful dressage and sports horse,
solidly trained for a fair prize.


Enumeration sign  Training of riders and accommodated horses

All horses are accommodated in horse-friendly, big outside stalls with large doors and windows. The horses are standing on a bed of straw, or, if demanded, of shavings. The fodder is individually prepared by our skilled staff considering the needs of each horse. Concentrated feed is fed as well as excellent mountain meadow hay twice a day.

Their owners are offered a full service. This starts with the grooming, goes further with getting the horses trained or receiving individual lessons for horse and rider and does not end with the coaching at horse shows. For these demands a very successful, with the Steensbeck medal honored  'Pferdewirtschafts- Meisterin', who has successes in competition in dressage and show jumping tilll  S (advanced) level, is available together with her experienced team..

The training keeps strictly to the classical doctrine. The level depends on the standard of schooling of the horse and the owner and goes from preliminary to Grand Prix level. Twice a day each horse gets out of its stall. Besides the training in the outdoor or indoor arena, a stay in the paddock, an extended ride in the Frankfurt City Forest, a relaxed ride around the golf course or work on the lunge can be on the schedule.

Many guest riders use the equestrian center Waldfried to prepare for sportive highlights. It started in 1998, as parts of the Australian team prepared in the Waldfried equestrian center for the WEG at Rome (ITA). Also riders from Europe, Asia and America like to hold their training camps at the Waldfried Dressage Stables to train here for the big sportive events like the Pan American or the Asia Games or to make themselves and their horses fit for a successful Olympic qualification and later for the Olympic participation.

The Waldfried Dressage Team is especially proud that in many important events including Olympic Games like recently in the Athens Olympics horses purchased from the Waldfried Dressage Stables and riders trained by the Waldfried Dressage Team have successfully participated.

Enumeration sign   Education for the Pferdewirt Reiten FN
(professional rider and trainer)

The equestrian center Waldfried has once produced Germany's youngest 'Pferdewirtschafts- Meister' with at that time 23 years of age. Waldfried takes each year two or three new apprentices. They may ride all horses under direction. Whoever applies for an apprenticeship in the Waldfried Dressage Stable should be able to ride dressage already at elementary level. The aim of the traineeship at Waldfried is that a trainee will be able to educate a horse to medium level him- or herself and to ride a horse at advanced level by the end of his/her apprenticeship.

 The high quality of the training at Waldfried is confirmed by top results of the Waldfried apprentices in the state examinations, by winning a bronze medal in the national-wide contest of the best apprentices of all German states at Warendorf and by two apprentices having been awarded by the renowned Stensbeck Badge of the German National Federation..



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