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Our Philosophy

To discover and support talented horses

The fascination to discover, train and show successfully young or unknown, but highly talented and promising dressage horses is our strongest motivation. We do not buy horses to sell them again as soon as possible. The Waldfried Dressage Stables are a training barn, which aims at to offer correctly educated, successful dressage horses. The big number  of sales horses, which are victorious on horse shows with riders of our dressage team, onfirm the great demands we make on ourselves.

We take care in a strict selection that the horses are modern sport aspirants with a good confirmation and temperament. An impeccable character and strong nerves combined with a maximum of rideability are the most important criteria for selecting a horse. That a horse must also have three excellent basic paces goes without saying.

The horses bought by us have to pass a strict veterinary inspection including an in-depth x-ray examination. When the horse meets all criteria, it will be trained in our barn with care - and no time pressure - following the classical riding instructions. The successes of our horses in competitions at all levels and the satisfaction of our customers confirm the correctness of our way.




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