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Rena Fraikin and Alabama – the new Hessian Dressage Champions
of the Professionals in a double pack

Spring Clear Up

Like in each year also this spring the footing of the outdoor and indoor arenas has been vitalized and additional terra-tex original mixture was brought in in exact height.

The whole footing was worked through with special devices and in the end with a laser grader exactly leveled.  “Now, we have again the best possible riding and training possibilities especially considering the well being of our horses and the protection of their tendons and ligaments,” the manager of the Waldfried Dressage Stables Manfred Louven knows, “We are very serious about the interests of our horses and aware of the fact that only optimal footing conditions protect them against orthopedic problems. At the same time, top footing conditions mean a high riding comfort for our clients.”



Revitalisation of all footing of the Waldfried Dressage Stables successfully completed

The 20x60 meter dressage ring and the five outdoor paddocks of different sizes from 200 to 950 square meters have a new, brilliant white, skid resistant footing.


Already weeks ago the indoor riding arena and the multi-functional outdoor arena have received their High Tech footing, now the revitalisation was completed and the aim fulfilled for all riding arenas and paddocks

Top-footing for sound horses and  high riding comfort for all Waldfried clients!


Successful final examination to the Pferdewirt FN -  Klassische Reitausbildung (Bereiter FN) for Marie Lindner

Marie Lindner presents proudly her certificate
as Pferdewirt FN - Klassische Reitausbildung

After Marie Lindner had already completed her education in the Waldfried Dressage Stables as Pferdewirt FN - Haltung und Service (Horse Keeping) awarded with the Graf von Lehndorff Medal for her high-quality exam, she continued her education at Waldfried. Now she has been able to conclude her further professional qualification to the Pferdewirt FN - Klassische Reitausbildung (Bereiter FN) with the examination at Warendorf achieving the very good mark of 2.5.

„Due to her really good skills as a rider till M level and her loving and careful handling of horses and the high acceptance of her person through the Waldfried clients we have been able to gain her as enforcement for the Waldfried team as Bereiter,“ so Waldfried manager Manfred Louven and he adds, „Not only we but as well our clients and students are looking forward with delight to the further cooperation with Marie Lindner.“

New comfortable footing

Everything new makes the May! The new footing in the outdoor arena......
In the outdoor and in the indoor arena of the Waldfried Dressage Stables have taken place some improvements: The old footing in the indoor and the outdoor arena was taken out and removed including the underground. The footing consists now of HighTec maths, which produce some suspension effect and which act shock absorbing to spare the joints of the horses. The upper layer consists of a special, white sand with a textile fleece mixture.

The new footing does not only promise high riding comfort but also a gentle on the joints working of the horses. Both, the Waldfried clients and the members of the Waldfried Dressage Team appreciate very much the new footing quality in the daily work.

..and indoors invites riders and horses !

There had been much work to do


Jubilee: 250 successes in cl. S (advanced level)
Grand Prix Special for Rena Fraikin

At Bad Marienberg the first July weekend, Rena Fraikin celebrated with her Prix St. Georges victory aboard the Hanoverian gelding Alabama an amazing jubilee: She achieved the impressive number of 250 placings in class S (advanced level) till Grand Prix Special!  A quarter of these placings (63) are victories including Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special competitions. Though Rena Fraikin had already produced some successes in cl. S, before she started her job as head of the Waldfried Dressage Stables in September 2007, she achieved almost all her successes, which brought her in 2016 as high as rank 21st in the dressage rider rankings of the German Federation (FN), on by herself trained and supported Waldfried sales horses. All classes summed up including her successes at the 'Bundes-Championaten' the dressage trainer comes to the overwhelming number of 925 ribbons. 

A top achievement, for which the 'Pferdewirtschafts- Meisterin FN' was able to take congratulations from all members of the Waldfried Dressage barn, and about which she is very happy herself, "I am, of course, really proud to have ridden to so many successes. It is really fun for me to ride horses from young age on and support them as far as their potential takes them. That I was able to do so repeatedly till Grand Prix level is crowning my whole career as rider and trainer. I am very thankful to Manfred Louven that he had always supported me in reaching this aim and that he had made it possible for me to start competing on Grand Prix level by buying the already till Grand Prix trained

Living Colors. With him I had my first S*** successes. Alabama, my so far most successful Grand Prix mount with several victories in Grand Prix, Grand Prix Freestyle and Grand Prix Special test, I have already supported myself till Grand Prix level.“ The next occasion to celebrate is already in sight: the 1000th ribbon!

Victory and placings for the Waldfried sales horses
at Bad Marienberg

Congratulations to horse and rider to the victory!

At the horse show at Bad Marienberg the first weekend of July, Rena Fraikin achieved several successes with the sales horses of the Waldfried Dressage Stables. With the 17 years old reliable Hanoverian gelding Alabama (sired by Alabaster) the head of the Waldfried Dressage Stables succeeded to win the Prix St. Georges competition with a percentage of 69.3. As well presented by Rena Fraikin the six year old Maximus achieved in the dressage horse competition cl. L a fifth place ( 7.4). In the dressage horse competition cl. M (medium level) the valuation for the elegant, by Lauries Crusador xx Thoroughbred typed, elastically moving Hanoverian gelding turned out to be even higher with a third place and a mark of 7.7. The seven year old Westphalian gelding Duvalier, a highly talented grandson of Belissimo, who is currently paid a lot of attention to as the sire of Isabell Werth’s World Champion Bella Rose, was able to convince totally under the saddle of Rena Fraikin in his first dressage horse competition cl. M ever and left the ring as winner with an excellent mark of 8.1!

Alexander Kömpf: Successful examination as
‚Pferdewirt FN - Klassische Reitausbildung’

Congratulations to the Pferdewirt FN examination and best wishes for
the future professional and private life!

The Waldfried Dressage Stables have once again emphasized their excellent reputation as training centre for horse and rider. With Alexander Kömpf another in a long row of Waldfried apprentices has successfully passed with very good marks his examination as Pferdewirt FN – Klassische Reitausbildung (Classical Riding). Asslready during his apprenticeship he presented several Waldfried sales and client horses successfully till medium level (M) on horse shows. His instructor,  Pferdewirtschafts- Meister FN Rena Fraikin, feels proud for having again fostered an apprentice above the for the examination demanded L level even to medium (M) level including the respective show successes.

Fast internet at Waldfried Dressage Stables

Since the beginning of the year 2018, clients and visitor of the Waldfried Dressage Stables have a fast internet connection at their disposal. The High Speed internet with 150 MB/s offers accompanying parents and partners as well as the riding students and the boarders themselves additionally the possibility to sit in front of fireplace in the riders’lounge and devote themselves to the internet with a fast connection.

Of course, the internet access is free of charge! A further sevice plus, which will make the stay at Waldfried even more enjoyable!

Reigning Oldenburg Champion 2017 Faradai OLD
reinforces the Waldfried sales horse lot

Exceptional good and successful dressage horses, which almost all have left the show grounds as winners, distinguish the lot of the Waldfried sales horses.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the reigning Oldenburg Champion and participant of the ‘Bundeschampionat’, the seven year old Fürstenball son Faradai OLD, finds himself in the Waldfried sales horse lot including highly successful S (advanced) and Grand Prix mounts.

For the start of the Green Season we offer you a top collection of currently successful dressage horses, which invite their new owners to directly start in the next show and to a successful further training.

Successful upbeat of the 2017 competitive season

The first horse show of the year 2017 became a success story for Rena Fraikin at Vreschen-Bokel on the last February weekend. Francesco, who had been bought by Waldfried’s longstanding and with Waldfried horses highly successful client Luise Hölscher out off the  Waldfried sales horses collection, but is further promoted by Rena Fraikin, left the arena already in his first dressage horse competition cl. M as the winner! Another ribbon he added to his new collection with a sixth place in the M* class.

Three places on the victory rostrum achieved Sunny Boy, a ten year old, black Oldenburg gelding from the Waldfried sales horses lot. In the dressage competition class S (advanced level) he placed third and so he did in two Prix St. Georges classes. Sunny Boy almost succeeded to achieve another third place in his first Intermediaire I test, but he could be also proud to end up in fourth rank.

Rena Fraikin’s mount of success till Intermediaire II of 2016, the eleven year ol dark chestnut gelding Donero placed fourth in S* class for the season’s upbeat just to rev up in the Prix St. Georges. The Don Schufro off-spring became the winner of the competition with a score above seventy percent!

The success duo Rena Fraikin and the by herself successfully till Grand Prix trained Hanoverian chestnut gelding Alabama started into the new season with a third place in the Short Grand Prix. In the Grand Prix the many times Grand Prix winner of the last years became with Rena Fraikin runner-up.

The convincing quality, the solid, sensitive training and the several years lasting competitive experience  of these three sales horses offer to their new owner the potential to continue together the success story or even enhance it.


Successful start into the new show season 2016

In 2016, the first two horse shows of the Waldfried Dressage Stables trainer Rena Fraikin, which were first of all supposed to be a test for the success of the winter work and the cautious further development of the Waldfried dressage horses, got to a sensational series of success for rider and horses and filled the head of the Waldfried Dressage Stables Manfred Louven with pride, „The solidly up building work throughout the winter time, which was focusing among other aspects on the improvement of the suppleness and the reliability in the performance of the movements, came on both weekends to fruition."

Donero and Rena Fraikin

The very impressive collection of victories and top placings at both horse shows in the North-German town Vreschen stands for itself. For the ten year old, bay mare Florencia the records list an M** victory with an outstanding mark of 8.0, a fourth place in an S* dressage class, a third place in an M** and both times a runner-up placing in a St. Georges Special and an Intermediaire I competition.

Rena Fraikin and Donero - top marks also for the salutes!

The as well ten year old dark chestnut gelding Donero (sird by Don Schufro) can look proudly upon five victories. Three of them in an Intermediaire I, among those with a score of 71.2 and respectively 70.8 percent, and once in a Prix St. Georges test. Additionally the gelding achieved two runner-up placings in Prix St. Georges competitions and a victory and a third place in an S* competition.

Alabama and Rena Fraikin

 The crowning of this list of successes brought Rena Fraikin's present top mount Alabama. The 14 year old, expressive Hanoverian chestnut gelding sired by Alabaster was able to present himself in all competitions on top level and stayed unbeaten at both weekends scoring several times above seventy percent. In Vreschen, where he had taken also with Rena Fraikin in the saddle already in last year several Grand Prix victories, he achieved in this year two victories in two Short Grand Prix and two victories in two Intermediaire II classes and additionally one victory in the Grand Prix and in the Grand Prix Special, the latter with a score of 71.5 percent.

Alabama and Rena Fraikin - Photos: J.F. Pferdefotografie

Waldfried Dressage Stables twice among the Top 100 in the annual German Dressage Rankings of 2015

With its trainer Rena Fraikin and the by her trained Professor of Economics Luise Hölscher for the first time ever two members of the Waldfried Dressage Stables made it among the Top 100 in the dressage list of the National German Federation (FN) in the show year 2015.

Prof. Dr. Luise Hölscher and Rosario

For both riders 2015 has been the most successful show year ever: 'Pferdewirtschafts-Meisterin' Rena Fraikin jumped on rank 55 and Luise Hölscher made it in the dressage rankings of the German FN with place  95 for the first time among the TOP 100 of the German Dressage Riders. Her success is even more worth mentioning, since she is as a pure amateur rider working thorughout the week at London and comes on the weekends back to Frankfurt for riding and competing her horses Just unforgettable fire (Tom) and Rosario (Jerry) . During the week both horses are trained by Rena Fraikin. In total Luise Hölscher achieved with each horse 27 ribbons from class M** till S**. 48 ribbons were achieved in class S (advanced) level competitions, among those three S victories and ten placings among the top five in S** classes.

For Rena Fraikin the year 2015 has been the absolute highlight of her career in the dressage sport, so far. With the by herself till Grand Prix level trained Hanoverian gelding Alabama she has taken victory in one Short Grand Prix, two Grand Prix and one Grand Prix Special. Furthermore she achieved several victories and placings in Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I competitions with Donero and Florencia.


30 years Waldfried Dressage Stables – a reason to celebrate!

About one hundred invited guests, first of all long-time friends, companions and clients of the Waldfried Dressage Stables, did not allow the stormy winds and the temperature fall to destroy their party mood to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Waldfried Dressage Stables together with its owners Manfred and Michael Louven on July 25. The stylish ambience of the courtyard inside the Waldfried equestrian centre located in Frankfurt-Niederrad and the tasty buffet with grilled specialties gave the welcome frame for stimulating and pleasant conversations.

In his speech on the occasion of the 30th anniversary, Manfred Louven thanked also in the name of his brother the many guest for coming and remembered about the beginnings of the steeped in tradition, but thirty years ago for renovation seeking former famous Thoroughbred stud farm and later dressage barn, which served the two Olympic Dressage Champions Josef Neckermann and Lieselott Schindling-Linsenhoff-Rheinberger as their equestrian domicile in the post WWII years.  With the purchase of the equestrian centre, as Manfred Louven said, he would have fulfilled himself his youth’s dream. The refurbishment and modernisation became an ambitious challenge for the constructor of sports grounds, which was solved with an impressive result.

In the last thirty years a lot has changed in the Waldfried equestrian centre. The accommodation possibilities were shorten from sixty to thirty very comfortable stalls and the quality of the service for the clients and their horses as well as the training facilities were tremendously increased. Since 1985 the Waldfried Dressage Stables and its riding club have achieved many successes: With Tanja Traupe one of its riders belonged to the national B team competing successfully internationally up to World Cup qualifiers. Waldfried provided several times the Hessen Champion of the Professional Dressage Instructors frthermore County and Hessen Champions and once the German Team Champion as well as several trainees, which were honored with the Stensbeck medal for their extra-ordinary final examination as  Pferdewirt or Pferdewirtschafts-Meister FN.

In the Waldfried Dressage Stables supported horses carried their riders worldwide to successes including the qualification for and the participation at Olympic Games. But, not only had the top competition sport found its home in Waldfried, as well the leisure sport and riding as sport and therapy for handicapped children.

The activities of the Waldfried Dressage Stables go far beyond being a fist-class address for the dressage training of horse and rider. In1995, it was Manfred Louven to secure the survival of the International Frankfurt Festhallen Horse Show, which he should coin for the next ten years. Together with the FEI Manfred Louven initiated and sponsored the FEI Waldfried Euro Future Cup, in which the Young Riders could qualify in qualifiers in different European countries for the final during the International Frankfurt Horse Show. With this series the former dressage rider created a new series totally in the sense of the European idea to support cross-border friendships among the young dressage riders.

The thanks of Manfred Louven went to everyone supporting and joining him on his way, but especially to his Waldfried team and the clients, who would have been loyal to him and the Waldfried Dressage Stables for so many years and this in some cases already for the whole thirty years. He wound up by directing his thanks to Rena Fraikin, who manages as the responsible instructor and trainer the Waldfried Dressage Stables for eight years now and who is the current Champion of the Hessen Professional Dressage Instructors and has achieved many Grand Prix successes over the last two years, „Rena Fraikin knows how to cultivate the Waldfried philosophy further and to be a living example for her employees. I owe first of all to Rena that I enjoy the Waldfried stables so much. So I want to call out to everyone: continue like that at least for the next ten years!” bp

Olympic solemnity for Sir Arthur TSF

Olympic Dressage Champion Charlotte Dujardin of Great-Britain rides the in the Waldfried Dressage Stables to top standard trained Trakehner gelding Sir Arthur TSF in the Gold Pas de Deux at the occasion of the 100th CSIO of Germany at Mannheim.

Isabell Werth (left) with El Santo NRW and Charlotte Dujardin with Sir Arthur TSF
Photos by Karl-Heinz Frieler

Olympic solemnity achieved the in the Waldfried Dressage Stables by its manager Rena Fraikin to highest standards trained, 12 year old Trakehner gelding Sir Arthur TSF during the 100th CSIO of Germany at Mannheim. The emotional highlight of this anniversary event was Saturday’s Gala Evening on July 18 coming up with a world première: For the first time ever the 2012 Olympic Champion and current World and European title holder Charlotte Dujardin of Great-Britain and the double Olympic Champion of 1996 and overall fivefold Olympic Champion Isabell Werth of Germany rode together a Gold Pas de Deux. Isabell Werth, who has quite a number of Grand Prix horses at her disposal, brought her 2011 Europeans team silver medalist, the 14 year old Rhineland gelding El Santo NRW to Mannheim, while Charlotte Dujardin decided to participate in the Pas de Deux with a borrowed Grand Prix mount. To bring her top ride Valegro to Mannheim just four weeks before the European Championships at Aachen had never been under consideration.

The recently inaugurated, private riding center Hofgut Rosenau of the Nolte family at Dreieich near Frankfurt ha been chosen as the site to train the Pas de Deux on Friday. When the training with the horse brought there for Charlotte, was not really to the satisfaction of the rider, the hour of Sir Arthur TSF had come. Anna Nolte, who had bought the dark brown gelding sired by Budenbrock – Consul three years ago from the Waldfried Dressage Stables, offered spontaneously her horse to the disposal of Charlotte Dujardin. The British rider was very happy about the new situation and got very quickly friends with Sir Arthur TSF, with whom Rena Fraikin had become Champion of the Hessen Professional Dressage Trainers in 2011, while the elegant Trakehner gelding won the title of the best horse in the final with horse exchange. That he has been trained the way by Rena Fraikin that he can easily be handled also by other riders, was now proven again by the fact how fast Charlotte Dujardin got well along with him.  Sir Arthur TSF fulfilled his task brilliantly and made his owner and current rider Anna Nolte, who became at the same weekend with her other Grand Prix mount Hessen Champion, and his former trainer and rider Rena Fraikin very proud of him.

Standing Ovations for Charlotte Dujardin with Sir Arthur TSF
and Isabell Werth with El Santo NRW

In the glaring spotlight of the Gala Evening he proved himself a partner of equal rank to El Santo NRW and the Gold Pas de Deux became the rousing highlight of the show true to the evening’s motto ‚Mannheim – City of Music, Emotions and Horses’. The about 7,000 spectators in the MVV Equestrian Stadium celebrated the two Olympic Dressage Queens and their four leg partners with Standing Ovations and enthusiastic applause! bp

Rena Fraikin continues her successful run at Alsfeld

At the Alsfeld horse show taking place under the motto Day of the young horse’ Rena Fraikin continued her successful start into the new 2015 season with two of the Waldfried dressage horses, which are in the Waldfried sales-horse lot. With  Donero the chief trainer of the Waldfried Dressage Stables became runner-ups in the  S* class (advanced level). Two judges had even seen Donero winning, in the end only four points separated him from victory. With the nine year old mare Florencia Rena Fraikin placed furthermore third in the same class. Well done - in this manner the season may continue!

Successful start into the new season
Prof. Dr. Luise Hölscher

 In the horse shows at Vreschen-Bokel and Alsfeld two by the Waldfried Dressage Stables trained and sold dressage horses, which are still ridden in the daily work by the Waldfried chief trainer Rena Fraikin, were able to achieve top placings with their owner Prof. Dr. Luise Hölscher, who works during the week at London. The successes in numbers


Just unforgettable fire (Tom)

4h M**
1st S*
5th S*/St.Georg
3rd S**/Intermediaire I

Rosario (Jerry)

4th S*/St. Georg
2nd S*/St. Georg Spezial
4th S*/St. Georg Spezial


Just unforgettable fire

4th S*/St. Georg

A bombastic start into the new show season

The winter months were used by Rena Fraikin to refine and further educate her S (advanced) level and Grand Prix dressage horses of the Waldfried sales horse lot. At Vreschen-Bokel, the dress rehearsal for the beginning outdoor season became a great success for all three by Rena presented horses: all three left the ring as a winner!

All three mounts of the Waldfried chief trainer improved permanently over the three show days. The tactic not to ask the whole performance potential from the first competition on, but to raise the demands gently from class to class, was crowned by success. Already the blank figures are impressive:

  M** (nedium) 2nd   
  S* (advanced) 4th
  Prix St. Georges 2nd
  Final Prix St. Georges 1st
  S* (advanced) 5th
  Prix St. Georges 4th
  Prix St. Georges 5th
  Final Intermediaire I 1st
  Grand Prix 1st
  Grand Prix Special 1st

 The by Rena Fraikin till Grand Prix level brought Hanoverian chestnut gelding Alabama opened the new season with a Grand Prix victory, which he was able to repeat in his Grand Prix Special debut. All three judges saw the son of Alabaster in first place!

An outstanding success for the horses and their trainer Rena Fraikin and a compliment for her winter training!


Manfred Louven awarded with the Distinguished Service Medal with Ribbon of the German federal state Hessen

On the occasion of a celebration in the official villa of the Prime Minister of Hessen at Wiesbaden the Hessian Secretary of Finances Dr. Thomas Schäfer carried out the honoring.

The Hessian Secretary of Finances Dr. Thomas Schäfer (l.) with Manfred Louven
during the medal celebration (Photo: © StK / ST)

Manfred Louven was honored for his many years lasting merits and his stronger commitment for equestrian sports and his charitable and social involvement, what excels itself not only by his financial donations but also through his personal dedication. The honored said that he would see this award also as incentive and obligation to continue to put his energy into social projects and to be there, where he is needed and can be of help. The decoration he received in presence of friends and long-standing companions.

The detailed official press release (in German) on the website of the Hessian Department of Fiances you can find here.
The PDF file to download here.

Top résumé of 2014 for Rena Fraikin

The year 2014 became for Rena Fraikin the so far most successful season of her equestrian career. For the first time the chief trainer of the Waldfried Dressage Stables achieved the highest category of the show license as a rider. At the end of the year she has not only made it among the top hundred of the German dressage riders, but even among the top 50 ranking 48th. In the state Hessen she covers even an excellent fifth place!  

In the Hessen Championat of the professional dressage trainers with horse exchange final she justified with her renewed victory her role as favorite. Furthermore, her ride Alabama was awarded as the best horse in the horse exchange final.

In the Hessen Championships she won as well aboard the Hanoverian gelding Alabama the bronze medal on Intermediaire I level.  Especially remarkable are ger successes including several victories on S (advanced) and Intermediaire II level as well as her top placings in Grand Prix classes since she has made her Grand Prix debut as a rider in 2014  with the by herself till Grand Prix level trained Alabama.

Rena Fraikin’s balance sheet fills the whole Waldfried Dressage Team with proud, but as well the successes of the by her trained and in the sport established horses under the saddle of their today’s riders and owners. bp

Prof. Dr. Luise Hölscher looks upon
a successful balance sheet 2014

Prof. Dr. Luise Hölscher is able to present an unusual series of successes at the end of this outdoor season: Three victories and four top placings in dressage competitions on M* (medium) level plus ten placings on M** level and 14 top placings on S (advanced) level is the season’s outcome for this ambitioned amateur rider par excellence!

Prof. Dr. Luise Hölscher with Rosario

Her performance is even higher to rate considering that she works from Monday till Friday at London and comes only back to Germany for riding and competing her horses with great passion. Her trainer Rena Fraikin works her horses the rest of the week to prepare them for the competitions and coaches the economist on the shows successfully. Hölscher’s experienced Just unforgettable fire (nickname: Tom), the in this year acquired Rosario (nickname: Jerry), the rider and her trainer Rena Fraikin form the successful foursome of the season 2014 in the Waldfried Dressage Stables! bp

First Intermediaire II victory for Rena Fraikin and Alabama

At the third weekend of September, the name of the town Himmelgarten, what means Garden of Heaven, got a symbolic character for Rena Fraikin: The beneath Franconia heaven place taking horse show was coined by a great atmosphere and ambience and an excellent starter field and became to a garden of success for Rena and her student   Inga-Katharina Schuster.

Rena Fraikin und Florencia

The 14 year old pupil and her pony Dr. Watson got runners-up in the FEI team test in a very competitive starting field with team riders from several German states. In the FEI individual test the combination confirmed its strength with a third place.

Rena Fraikin herself placed with the mare Florencia in the M** dressage class and in the Prix St. Georges Special both times fourth. The great success came with the Hanoverian gelding Alabama, with whom she had been in this year already several times runner-up in Intermediaire II and Grand Prix tests, but at Himmelgarten they achieved for the first a victory in an Intermediaire II! Another strong confirmation for her participation with Alabama in the final of the series ‘Stars von Morgen’ at Munich! bp

Rena Fraikin qualifies at the Dressage Festival on Gut Ising
for the final of the series ‚Stars von Morgen’

Rena Fraikin with Alabama

Mid-September, the yearly, big Dressage Festival with international participation including Olympic dressage riders took place on the stud farm and equestrian center Gut Ising, sited at the idyllic  Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria. In spite of the strong competition Rena Fraikin succeeded to achieve a third place with above 69 percent in the M/A** dressage competition with the eight year old, just for a few months by herself trained bay Danish mare Florencia and a sixth place in the Prix St. Georges class.

Rena Fraikin with Florencia

The reliable and capable Hanoverian gelding Alabama underlined once again with the chief trainer of the Waldfried Dressage Stables in his saddle his permanent outstanding form and performance on high-quality level. In the Intermediaire II competition the combination from Frankfurt am Main made it for a fifth place. In the Short- Grand Prix it shined with a second place and was able to enter the lap of honor as runner-ups. With this success the combination qualified for the final of the series ‘Stars von Morgen’ (‘Stars of Tomorrow’) for riders and/or horses to make their way into the Grand Prix sport. Rena Fraikin looks very much forward to the final end of September at München-Riem in the Olympic Equestrian Center, which will certainly become another highlight of an outstanding season. Bp

Rena Fraikin successful again in
the Grand Prix of Rhineland-Palatinate

Rena Fraikin was able to achieve third place with the twelve year old Hanoverian gelding Alabama in a strongly competitive Grand Prix class behind the winner Andrea Landy-Silling aboard Zafiro and Ellen Schulten-Baumer aboard Grosso’s Gentle. Just recently entered into the Upper House of dressage sport, Rena Fraikin has established herself within a few months in it.

Rena Fraikin - Winner in the Hessian Dressage Championship
with horse exchange final

The third weekend of August was high-lighted by the Dressage Show at Langen (Hessen), in which Rena Fraikin mounted two horses. Wither her prospect Florencia she participated in three competitions class M (medium) and S (advanced) achieving in all three of them a ribbon. Rena Fraikin’s mount for the Hessian Championship of the professional dressage riders and trainers was the twelve year old Hanoverian gelding Alabama. The championship consists of a warm-up competition on Prix St. Georges level and the qualifier, an Intermediaire I class, for the three rider final with horse exchange. The Intermediaire I saw Rena Fraikin and the Alabaster son already as winners.

Rena Fraikin and Alabama – the new Hessian Dressage Champions
of the Professionals on their lap of honour

With Stefanie Kerner and Camerino B, Lena Waldmann with Tannenhofs Cassitano and Rena Fraikin with Alabama the three best combinations of the Intermediaire I returned for the final in the great set of the main arena on Sunday. In an especially for the Championship developed test the three riders rode first their own horses and then after a five minute period of adjustment each rider both horses of their competitors. In superior style and with quite a margin Rena Fraikin decided the Championship of the Hessian Professionals for herself. Most successful horse of the championship in addition of its three scores in the final became Rena’s mount Alabaster. Therefore both rider and horse decorated with their own sash could go on the lap o honor under the frenetic applause of their fans. For Rena Fraikin it was after her first title win in 2011 with Sir Arthur and the Vice Champion title in 2012 with Rotwelsch the third time that she participated and her second title win. All three times the horses presented and trained by her received the merits as the best horse. A further proof of her outstanding quality as professional horse trainer! Bp

Prof. Dr. Luise Hoelscher with continuous series of success
in July and August

Prof. Dr. Luise Hölscher und Rosario

Six placings in dressage competitions class S (advanced) in just two months are a remarkable outcome for an amateur rider, who measures herself with the professionals on big shows. To these successes belong several placings in Prix St. Georges competitions aboard her painted gelding  Just Unforgettable Fire as well as S placings aboard her newcomer Rosario. The résumé is completed by several ribbons in dressage tests on medium level.

Prof. Dr. Luise Hölscher und Just Unforgettable Fire

The successes of the clear amateur, who is working throughout the week at London and finds only time at the weekends to work and show her horses, prove that with the triad ‘excellent training of the horses through the chief trainer of the Waldfried Dressage Stables Rena Fraikin – two high-quality mounts - diligence and necessary ambition of the rider’ it is also for a rider possible to enjoy a successful competing as an amateur under such difficult circumstances.  Bp

Successful weekend at Langenhahn 

Rena Fraikin and Florencia, Photos: Natscha Kuhn

At the horse show at Langenhahn on the second weekend of August Rena Fraikin became with the twelve year old Alabaster son Alabama runner-up in the Intermediaire II as well as in the short Grand Prix. With her just recently at her disposal put protégée, the eight year old Danish mare Florencia, she achieved victory in the dressage competition class S* and a third place in the Prix St. Georges and therewith a lot of positive attention. The certain and successful performances under extremely adverse weather conditions like torrential rain and a gale warning, which forced the organizers to start the competition earlier, emphasize, which great confidence both horses have in their rider and trainer. Bp

'Stars of Tomorrow' - Rena Fraikin and Alabamasuccessful again in the Grand Prix

‚Stars of Tomorrow’ – out-off the acclaimed dressage series for rider and/or horse prospects on Grand Prix level, which has been created several years ago to give these upcoming combinations a chance to gather experience on Grand Prix level, have come many well-known rider-horse-combinations. At the Wintermuehle the first weekend of August,

Rena Freikin used aboard the Hanoverian gelding Alabama the chance to achieve a fifth place in the warm-up competition for the only qualifier in Hessen for series’ final at Munich-Riem on the grounds of the 1972 Olympic Equestrian Center. The chief trainer of the Waldfried Dressage Stables and the Alabaster son were able to be even better in the qualifier making it for an excellent third place in this competitive starting field and continuing  herewith its series of successes in its first Grand Prix season. bp

S (advanced level) victory at Gladenbach completes
the successful July balance sheet forr Rena Fraikin

The chief trainer of the Waldfried Dressage Stables at Frankfurt-Niederrad was able to complete her July balance sheet with another great success. At the show at Gladenbach Rena Fraikin competed the two eight year old mares Grandessa and Florencia. In the dressage competition on M (medium) level she became runner-up aboard Florencia and took a fifth place with Grandessa. Even better should be the outcome of the S (advanced) level dressage competition for her: With  Florencia she achieved victory and emphasized with a second place aboard Grandessa her dominant position in this demanding class. bp

What a stress these shows!“

How much stress such a hot-temperature show weekend can bring - not only for horse and rider, but also for the dog!

Barny needs a rest !!!!

Fortunately, Barny, the dog of Rena Fraikin, has found a comfortable place to rest amongst the just won ribbons, saddle pad and Alabama's winner horse blanket!

Hessen State Championships:
Bronze medal for Rena Fraikin
in the Hessen Dressage Rider Championat

Rena Fraikin

The Hessen State Championships at Darmstadt-Kranichstein brought a successful upbeat for Rena Fraikin in the Hessen Dressage Rider Championat mid-July: Aboard the 12 year old Hanoverian chestnut gelding Alabama the title winner of 2012 took victory with a score of more than seventy percent in the first leg of the Championat, a Prix St. Georges class, ridding in tropical heat.

Rena Fraikin and Alabama, the winners of the first leg

Sunday's second leg, an Intermediaire I competition, took place under difficult conditions for the head trainer and manager of the Waldfried Dressage Stables, but it showed nevcertheless how well Rena Fraikin and the elegant Alabaster off-spring have found together in a short period of time. With their fourth place in the second leg they secured still the bronze medal in the overall standings.

On the podestal (from left); Tamara Rehnig, Christina Munk and Rena Fraikin

Standing again on the podestal proves once more the continuing high level of the dressage rider from Frankfurt. Rema Fraikin was very happy about the succeeful weekend on the beautifully redesigned equestrian centre of the 'Kranichstein Hof' and congratulated the initiators, the Winkler family, to the outstanding ambience they have created as hosts and organizers of the Hessen State Championships. bp

New horse - new luck

Rena Fraikin and Florencia in competition

Just a few days after her arrival in the Waldfried Dressage Stables the eight year old Danish mare Florencia took care for her first victory in her first competition in Germany beginning of July.  Originally, her first start was just supposed to be that rider and horse would get to know each other better under show conditions, but the new partnership worked so well already from the beginning that they won the dressage class on M*** level at Erbes-Buedesheim.

Rena Fraikin and Florencia, Photos: Natscha Kuhn

Presented carefully and with a lot of feeling the new combination made it in its first common start to its first common victory. The Sunday’s class proved that Florencia cannot be impressed by very difficult footing. With an even better fine tuning the combination took in convincing manner its second victory in its second M*** test. Bp

Rena Fraikin and Florencia withshow director Bruno Eidam
and the sponsor of the class

Excellent show outcome of the first half of 2014

At the end of June the Waldfried Dressage Team took an extremely positive stock of the first show half of the year 2014. In plain numbers expressed the boarding customers of the Waldfried Dressage Stables and their trainer Rena Fraikin achieved the following numbers of victories and placings:

    M*              10
    M**             14
    S*               13
    S**               2
    S*** ( GP)    3

External students, which train continuingly with Rena Fraikin, have notched up additionally more than ten successes on L and M level.

Congratulations to all riders of the Waldfried Dressage Team, which have together achieved such an impressive amount of successes! bp

Small horses - big successes

In the last months the just 14 year old Inga Katharina Schuster can look upon many successes, since she found her way with her ponies into the Waldfried Dressage Stables. At Kreuth her first results were already two third places with Sir Donnerwind in dressage competitions on L* level. Coached by her trainer Rena Fraikin she achieved her first success aboard Day of Whisper in the FEI Team test on L** level at Vechta mid-March.

In the South-German Indoor Championat at Grosszimmern Inga Katharina Schuster became seventh aboard Day of Whisper. At Pforzheim she rode aboard FS Dr. Watson to a fifth place in the FEI Individual Championship test on L** level.

Inga Katharina Schuster and Sir Donnerwind

Beginning of May she continued her series of success with a victory in the FEI Team competition on L** level aboard FS Dr. Watson at Griesheim. In the FEI Freestyle test on L** level they became runners-up. Furthermore she achieved aboard Sir Donnerwind a sixth place in the competition. At Neuhofen in May the student convinced again in the dressage competition on L** level aboard FS Dr. Watson with a second and aboard Sir Donnerwind with a third place respectively. At Frankenthal she added a sixth place aboard FS Dr. Watson.

Inga Katharina Schuster with FS Dr. Watson

Her first appearance in the Hamburg Dressage Pony Derby was crowned by a third place, she achieved with her top mount FS Dr. Watson. In the International Youth Dressage Festival at Nussloch Inga confirmed once again her continuously good performances: In the FEI Team test on L** level she became runners-up aboard FS Dr. Watson and sixth aboard Sir Donnerwind. In the FEI Individual test on L** level followed a second and in the FEI Freestyle test on L** level a fifth place aboard FS Dr. Watson respectively.

.... and here with Day of Whisper, Photo: Jan Reumann

The participation in the trial ‚Prize of the Bests’ at Kronberg and in the Hamburg Dressage Derby underlines that Inga has gained her place in the Upper House of the pony dressage sport. A great, continuously upward development to which the Waldfried Dressage Team congratulates her. bp

Prof. Dr. Luise Hoelscher increases with
a second top horse her amount of successes

The true amateur Prof. Dr. Luise Hoelscher, who works during the week at London and has only time to work and compete her horses on the weekends, can look at an impressive balance sheet for the first half of the year 2014.

Just Unforgettable Fire

With her pie gelding Just unforgettable fire she was able to enter an eighth place on her account of successes in the semi-final of the FAB Cup plus a fourth place in the dressage competition on S* (advanced) level.

Prof. Dr. Luise Hoelscher and Rosario

Her second iron in the fire is her just eight year old Hanoverian black gelding Rosario – whose nickname is Jerry.  With him and the Tom nicknamed Just unforgettable fire she achieved three placings on S* level plus three victories and six placings in competitions on M* and M** (medium) level.

A success troika, of which will certainly be heard about also in the future!

Rena Fraikin successful with two Grand Prix mounts

In the first half of 2014 Rena Fraikin presented very successfully the Hanoverian gelding Alabama, whom she has taken over in last year and has trained him over the winter months to Grand Prix level. From a victory in class M*** over Prix St. Georges and St. Georg Spezial competitions their common successes go as far as a second and a third place in Grand Prix classes. The successful combination achieved more than ten victories and top rankings in the first months of 2014.

Rena Fraikin with Alabama, Photo: Jan Reumann

Also with her second mount Cajoleur the head trainer of the Waldfried Dressage Stables achieved one placing in a Grand Prix competition and proved therewith that she cannot only educate young horses to a certain level, but is also able to train a championship experienced prospect to Grand Prix standards and present it successfully in this class. But, Rena Fraikin is not only a successful trainer for horses of all ages and standards, remarkable is as well that the number of her external students is permanently increasing and that she experiences a great acceptance as requested trainer for rider-horse combinations. bp


Rena Fraikin stays on the track of success

The Dressage Championesse of the Hessian
Championships 2012 is
Rena Fraikin.

The Seniors Dressage Championat of the Hessian Championships firm in
ladies' hands: (from left) Clara Winkelmann, Rena Fraikin, Bettina Weiland

The Seniors Dressage Championat of the 2012 Hessian Championships at  Neu-Anspach was decided to the favour of Rena Fraikin. The manager and chief trainer of the Waldfried Dressage Stables at Frankfurt became runner-up with the eleven year old, chic Hanoverian black gelding Rotwelsch in the Prix St. Georges, but was wining convincingly the decisive Intermediaire I with the spectacular mover.

Soon the prize-giving will start! Rena Fraikin with her trainee Larissa Höhne and Rotwelsch Photos: Jan Reumann

A further great success for the reining 2011 Hessian Champion of the Dressage Instuctors, but also a further proof for the quality of the dressage horses offered by the Waldfried Dressage Stables. bp


Dressage Festival at Erbes-Büdesheim

Veni, vidi, vici 

Rena Fraikin and Grandezza Ultima

The Dressage Festival at Erbes-Büdesheim in the first week of July, stood for Rena Fraikin under the motto ‘I came, saw and won’!

Rena Fraikin and Grandezza Ultima

On Thursday morning the chief trainer and rider of the Waldfried Dressage Stables  decided short-term to enter still the warm-up competition for the qualification to the ‘Bundeschampionat’ of the six year old dressage horse with the bay Hanoverian mare Grandezza Ultima and she took victory against strong competitors with a mark of 7.8. On Saturday, the combination won also the qualifiying class for the Bundeschampionat’. With a mark of 8.1 Rena Fraikin achieved the golden ribbon for the winner and her ticket to the ‘Bundeschampionat’ at Warendorf.

Rena Fraikin and Grandezza Ultima

 A lasting positive impression left as well the newcomers in the Waldfried Dressage Stables, which joined the dressage barn just about two weeks before the show for further training and sale. With the twelve year old Hanoverian chestnut gelding Living Colors Rena Fraikin placed seventh in the dressage competition cl. S* and was also placed in the Intermediaire I.

Rena Fraikin and Rotwelsch

With the third mount she competed in the Dressage Festival, the eleven year old black gelding Rotwelsch, she was vuctirious with an as well charming as high-quality appearance she won the hearts of the spectators and convinced the judges. Their first ever common show appearance finished with a runners-up position in the dressage cl. S*. In the Prix St. Georges, the qualifier for the Intermediaire I, the combination achieved place three. The Intermediaire I Rotwelsch decided with a clear margin for himself. Gold on a black background looks especially good! The black gelding decorated with the golden ribbon, the rider decorated with the winner’s sash the successful combination went under thunderous applause on the lap of honour. bp

A big honor at the beginning of the year 2012
for the successful duos Sir Arthur
and his rider and trainer Rena Fraikin

At the beginning of the year 2012 an encouraging news reached the Dressage Team Waldfried: The Trakehner Förderverein e.V., which supports successful sport horses of Trakehner breed, honored the top mount of the Waldfried Dressage Stables the nine year old Trakehner gelding Sir Arthur with the title ‚TSF’ due to his promising career and his outstanding successes in the dressage ring.

In the future the black Trakehner gelding will compete under the name ‚Sir Arthur TSF’. His trainer and rider Rena Fraikin, who has trained her protégé already since he was a four year old and has supported him till Grand Prix level, finds in this honor the confirmation of her careful classical training of the horse and feels glad that the Trakehner Förderverein e.V. acknowledges her work in this way and considers it for worthy of promotion. Bp



Great ending of the show season for
Rena Fraikin and Sir Arthur
at the International Frankfurt Horse Show

Some Kempkes riding boots for the winner!
Photos: Jan Reumann

During the International Frankfurt Horse Show in the legendary ‚Festhalle’, the Final of the ST Masters took place, for which five trainer/student combinations had been able to qualify during a qualification series in the outdoor season. The Final was decided in a national competition class M* (medium level) for the students and a competition class S** (advanced level) for the trainers, while trainers and riders were competing the same horse.

Rena Fraikin, the person responsible in the Waldfried Dressage Stables for the training of the horses and riders, won convincingly with the eight year old Trakehner gelding Sir Arthur (Buddenbrock - Consul) with a score of 68.4 percent the competition cl. S** for the trainers. In the overall ranking, for which the scores of trainer and student were count together, Rena Fraikin became runner-up together with her student Livia von Koeller.

For Rena Fraikin and the outstanding Sir Arthur was this a crowning conclusion of a very successful season: seven victories in cl. S and one Intermediaire I-win, furthermore many top placings till Intermediaire I and the title ‚Championesse of the Hessen Professional Dressage Trainers 2011’ for the rider and the title of the ‘Best Horse in the Horse Exchange for Sir Arthur in the Championat of the Professionals belong to the most outstanding successes of the duo in this year! bp Video of their ride in the Frankfurt Festhalle


Dressage Show Langen:
Victory in the Hessen Championship for Professional Dressage Trainers went again to the Waldfried Dressage Stable

The Hessen Champions of the Professional Dressage Trainers 2011:
Rena Fraikin and Sir Arthur Photo: Jan Reumann

For the 20th time the Hessen Dressage Championships for Professional Dressage Trainers with horse exchange final took place during the Langen Dressage Show. The anniversary championships was decided in a Prix St. Georges and an Intermediaire I competition followed by a horse exchange final on advanced level. Through Rena Fraikin, the senior instructor of the Waldfried Dressage Stable and permanent rider of Sir Arthur, the title of the Hessen Champion of the Professional Dressage Instructors went for the second time into the dressage barn at Frankfurt-Niederrad. In the horse exchange final the eight year old Trakehner gelding Sir Arthur showed also under the saddle of the other dressage instructors his outstanding quality, his willingness to perform and his strong nerves and so in the end he cantered out off the arena with the title of the most successful horse in the horse exchange final. In 2008, the former chief instructor of the Waldfried Dressage Stable, ‚Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin FN’ Alexandra Freimuth, had already won the title aboard Etempo (Temple Wind xx - Raubritter), who belonged to the lot of the Waldfried sales horses.

Rena Fraikin won aboard Sir Arthur also the qualification to the ‚ST Master’ student – instructor – competition, a Prix St. Georges class, and herewith her ticket together with her student Livia von Köller as one of five combinations for the final during the International Frankfurt Horse Show’ in December 2011. bp


Read the article about Waldfried on



Reconstruction work

The 'golden October' will be used to improve the service facilities for our clients. The former stallion barn will be converted to a grooming and washing building.

Two big grooming spaces, an at least as big washing space, a solarium and an additional tack room will give the former stallion barn not only a new look, but also a new function. The walls will be completely renovated and will receive a new color, the complete floor will be covered with a slip-resistant, watertight rubber surface. A heater will take care for pleasant working conditions also in winter time. The about four meter high ceiling will together with several big windows and some ventilation shafts not only admit much light to enter, but also produce a very good indoor climate and a stylish ambience. bp


Golden Riding Badge for Rena Fraikin

 The chief instructor of the Waldfried Dressage Stables, ‚Pferdewirtschaftsmeister’ Rena Fraikin, was honoured with the Golden Riding Badge for her exceptional successes in the dressage and show jumping sport at the occasion of the Wolfskehlen horse show. The rider, already awarded with the Steensbeck medal for her outstanding result at her ‚Pferdewirtschaftsmeister’  examination, received this additional honourable mark of distinction from the hands of the Second President of the Hessen Riding and Driving Association Erika Born and the President of the ‘Frankfurter Reit- und Turniergemeinschaft Waldfried’ Manfred Louven.

It has not too many riders, which reach this honour for their successes on advanced level, but even less, who achieved them as well in dressage as in show jumping.  Rena Fraikin is already the third member of the Waldfried Dressage Stables honoured with the Golden Riding Badge.  But, as it was also expressed in the eulogy, it is not only her success in the sport, which make her deserving this award, but also her manner to deal with horse and her personal integrity. bp


First competition – first victory !

The just three year old licensed Trakehner stallion Lichtenfels sired by Le Rouge out off a Caprimond dam was able to shine even against his four year old competitors in a riding horse competition at Leidhecken. His permanent rider, the chief trainer of the Waldfried Stables Rena Fraikin, presented the chestnut stallion in such a convincing manner that the judges granted him for canter and trot the high mark 9 in a scale of ten. For all other criteria he received an 8, what summed up to the high overall mark of 8.5. A very promising upbeat for this outstanding stallion into his first show season ! bp


Outstanding success for the five year old, licensed pony stallion Obama

 The chestnut pony stallion in exquisite outline was able to win in convincing manner in his first start of the 2009 season the dressage horse test cl. L at Muecke and achieved with this victory at the same time his ticket to the Federal Championships of Young Horses and Ponies at Warendorf in September 2009.


This success is even the more remarkable, since the just eleven year old rider Annabelle Manganaro has got the pony stallion under her saddle just a few days before the horse show and it has also been for Obama his first cl. L competition – a great success for rider and horse ! bp


Perfect start into the new show season for Rena Fraikin and the Waldfried sales horses

On the occasion of the Late Entry Horse Show at Großostheim (Germany) on February 15, Rena Fraikin took the chance to draw attention with the double wins of two M dressage tests aboard two of the Waldfried sales horses. Already in her first show of this year, the Chief-Bereiter of the Waldfried Dressage Stables won convincingly aboard a 13 year old, elegant, brown Rhineland stallion the M** dressage competition, in which she became runner-up with a 14 year old gelding. Aboard this chic, dark brown Oldenburg gelding the ‚Pferdewirtschaftsmeister’ had already won before the M* class. In this competition she had become runner-up with the Rhineland stallion.

With these successes Rena Fraikin documented again impressingly the winner potential of the Waldfried sales horses! bp



former Waldfried 'Chef-BBereiter' Alexandra Freimuth and Etempo -
the Hessen Champions of the Dressage Instructors 2008


Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin FN with laurels:
Rena Fraikin awarded with the Steensbeck medal

Rena Fraikin, responsible for the training of horses and riders in the well-known Waldfried Dressage Stables, was able to pass her examination as ‚Pferdewirtschaftsmeister FN’ at Warendorf not only as one of the youngest participants, but was furthermore honored as one of the best candidates with the Steensbeck medal for her excellent results.

Her outstanding talent as a rider as well in dressage as in show jumping saddle comes along with her profound theoretical knowledge, which brought her additionally to the master craftsman’s diploma the sought-after Steensbeck medal.

In the Waldfried Dressage Stables Rena Fraikin is as well responsible for the training of the clients and their horses as of the Waldfried onwed horses and the apprentices and trainees. bp




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