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History with a long tradition

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From Thoroughbred stud farm and stable to a dressage stronghold

The era Waldfried belongs to one of the most splendid in German Thoroughbred breeding and racing. The founders have been the brothers Carl and Arthur von Weinberg. Arthur as former royal Bavarian cavalryman and president of the Frankfurter Renn-Club (Horse Racing Club) in the years 1918 till 1938 is considered to have been a real horse expert. In the German Derby of 1921 with Ornen, Ossian, Perikles and Graf Ferry the four top-placed horses came from Waldfried.

The time after World War II brought to the former Thoroughbred stud farm and racing stable a new status as a leading dressage center and accommodated the Olympic winners Josef Neckermann and Liselott Schindling-Rheinberger (Linsenhoff). But, first the latter left the barn to move to Kronberg in the north of Frankfurt, where she founded the Schafhof, then Josef Neckerman built his own riding center Kirchborn at Dreieich-Goetzenhain. This prompted a very difficult time for the once renowned center.

Today the  Waldfried Dressage Stables shine again. Everybody here feels grateful to the great names of the past. Manfred Louven and his brother Michael have fulfilled a life's dream buying the equestrian center in the Weinberg Park in the south of Frankfurt not far from the race track. In 1985 they have bought the property, since that time the Reitanlage Waldfried is a branch of the company SLB Sport- und Leistungsanlagenbau- Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H..

The riding club Frankfurter Reit- und Turniersportgemeinschaft Waldfried e.V. was founded in 1988. Its best-known representatives are Tanja Traupe and Rena Fraikin. Out of solidarity to the top level sports the Frankfurter Reit- und Turniersportgemeinschaft Waldfried e.V. is the co-organizer and the non-commercial body responsible for the International Frankfurt Horse Show since 1996.



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